New Day App

Try something new every day!

This app was inspired by a personal testimony of healing. A prominent psychologist was diagnosed with stage three cancer. While in the hospital, she found healing in trying new activities everyday. She decorated her hospital room to look like an Italian villa. She would fill her time with activities that she had always wanted to try, but never found the time to do. This kept her mind off her ailment and revitalized her mindset. As a result, she beat the cancer and gained a new outlook by trying something new everyday.

This psychologist approached our team to design an interactive way to implement this daily challenge of trying something new each day. Users have multiple ways to find new activities to try through this app. They can choose either by random selection, or they can search the various catagories avaialable. Users can measure progress and earn trophies depending on what goals or achievements they accomplish. Users are encouraged to invite friends to encourage competition to complete the most tasks daily.

Download PDF HERE.

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